Spiritual Mastery 1

From Saturday, 12 August 2017 10:00 AM

To Sunday, 13 August 2017 04:30 PM

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CO, Evergreen Upper Bear Creek

29029 Upper Bear Creek Rd Suite 301

Evergreen 80439


Phone: 816 941 2505

Email: LakshmiAnanda@MORFConsulting.com


Registration - $50.00

Event Details

You will study the 12 spiritual laws that form the fabric of creation. Enjoy meditations, activities and exercises through which you turn knowledge into wisdom.

The twelve spiritual laws are part of the fabric of creation itself. We cannot avoid them, so we need to learn to understand and embrace them. When we start to work with the Law of the Universe, the Universe starts to work with us and then anything is possible!

Formerly Spiritual Mastery 1

Prerequisites: None
Price on application


The fee for this event is $250, with $50 collected upon registration.


Lakshmi Ananda, Shanti Mission Teacher, IYS Therapist

Lakshmi Ananda

Lakshmi Ananda’s greatest joy is serving as a spiritual teacher, priest, speaker, and Ignite Your Spirit therapist for Shanti Mission America. She brings a wealth of spiritual and professional experience to her healings and teaching. Part of Lakshmi Ananda’s mastery is connecting with clients through the heart, empowering them to shine like the sun in their lives. Lakshmi Ananda is an executive coach, leadership consultant as well as a fully certified shamanic practitioner. Evident in her work as teacher and healer is her deep devotion to her Australian Guru, Sri Shakti Durga and the love that emanates from this connection. Lakshmi Ananda serves as President of the Board for Shanti Mission America. A former Executive Director of EARTH school, Essential Arts for Remembering The Heart, she brings a deep love and reverence of nature to all her work. She lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and has become a master of healings via Skype.

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