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What does Shanti Mission mean?

“Shanti” means peace and so our Mission is to create a more peaceful, loving world. We do this by helping each person create a more peaceful life so they can, in turn, assist in creating a more peaceful world.

How much do I pay?

There are set fees for the Stage 1 and Stage 2 seminars of the Path of Ease & Grace. Stage 1 seminars are offered for $385 each and Stage 2 seminars are $495 each. If you are experiencing financial hardship there are scholarships available upon application.

Our other seminars and meditation classes are offered by heartfelt contribution. We aim to make most of our programs and services accessible to all people regardless of their financial situation. We are very grateful for your generous contributions and ask that you give from your heart, keeping in mind the cost of a similar course or service in the community. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to donate money for a seminar (other than Stage 1 or Stage 2 seminars) or meditation, you are encouraged to donate some time volunteering at one of our centers. Please contact for more information on volunteering at Shanti Mission America.

Where are you?

We currently offer our services in several location in the USA, as well as Australia, Canada, and England. We currently have established communities located in Encinitas, CA, Evergreen CO and Monroe, CT.

Our international headquarters, where Shakti Durga is based, is The Shanti Mission Abode of Peace Ashram, located near Sydney, Australia.

Do I have to do the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series from start to finish?

It is recommended that you complete the Path of Ease and Grace series in sequential order to obtain maximum benefit. Ignite Your Spirit 1 and Empowering Relationships 1 are the only entry level courses that have no prerequisites, so you are welcome to register for these courses at any time. Please ensure that you meet the prerequisites of each seminar when booking in for courses.

The Path of Ease and Grace

Foundation 1
Ignite Your Spirit 1 (no prerequisite)
Ignite Your Spirit 2
Empowering Relationships 1 (no prerequisite)
Empowering Relationships 2

Foundation 2
Yoga of the Mind
Dimensions of Wealth

Foundation 3
Spiritual Mastery 1
Spiritual Mastery 2
Anchoring Heaven on Earth

How do I book an appointment with a healer?

There are many excellent healers that operate around the country. To book an appointment with a healer you can contact any of our locations, or visit the Ignite Your Spirit Therapist Directory.

How do I volunteer?

There are many opportunities to become involved at Shanti Mission America . Everyone is welcome to support Shanti Mission America in whatever way makes your heart sing. This is an excellent way to get to know people and become part of our community.

We call volunteering ‘Seva’ which is a Sanskrit term that properly reflects the spiritual growth and transformation that comes from helping a spiritual community to grow. We help our sevites (volunteers) to embody compassion and loving-kindness as well as completing the many tasks that are required to be done to keep Shanti Mission America moving forward.

Please email for more information.

What is the Friends of Shanti Mission America?

Friends of Shanti Mission America are people who have found that the healing and education they have received at Shanti Mission America through meditations, healing clinics or seminars to be so valuable that they want to make this opportunity available to others. Friends donate regularly (tithe) to support the work of Shanti Mission America and to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of others.

What is the Self-Realization training?

After completion of the Path of Ease and Grace and Make a Difference, a whole world of intensive and enlightening spiritual training opens to you. Details are available from our registrar.

What is Mystery School training?

The Mystery School is inner teachings of the worlds great traditions, we explore such things as Egyptian alchemy, Kabbalah, esoteric Buddhism and Christianity and reveal ancient mysteries in a practical modern context and we relate them to the philosophical Path of Ease & Grace, Tantra and Goddess traditions, Hinduism.

How do I become a teacher?

If you are passionate about teaching and mentoring others, you may want to consider our “Self Realization Training” once you have completed the Path of Ease and Grace and either Ignite Your Spirit Therapist Training or the Make a Difference Program. Being accepted to the ‘Self Realization Training’ does not automatically entitle you to become a teacher. Only those selected, based on demonstrated teaching talent, will be invited to take teacher training.

I’ve heard negative things or had bad experiences in the past with spiritual schools, how do I know I’m safe?

Shanti Mission America is unusual in that we offer many of our events by donation. The main motivation for our teachers isn’t to make money from their work, but rather help to make the world more peaceful. We also have a very clear code of conduct that all teachers and leaders must follow, and a complaint resolution process. Finally, at Shanti Mission America we are happy regardless of whether you want to study with us for a lifetime or even just once! We are a large spiritual community and many people come and go from Shanti Mission America and we always welcome them back with open arms when they come to visit. We know everyone has a unique spiritual path and whether that’s studying with Shanti Mission America or another school, we’re happy when people find more satisfaction and peace in their lives!

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