Ignite Your Spirit Therapy


Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy is energetic healing and spiritual counseling combined in a highly effective methodology for helping people with physical, mental emotional and spiritual issues. The objective is to release old stale energy and to add fresh vital energy to bring healing, wellbeing, self-empowerment and inner peace.

After filling out a form setting out your history and what you want from the consultation, you sit fully clothed on a chair while your therapist scans your energy field, reading where strengths and weaknesses exist in the anatomy of your spirit. Healings take about 45 minutes for initial and long consultations. Interim healings for specific physical or psychological problems may take between 15 and 30 minutes depending upon the complexity of the condition. The number of healings needed depends upon the rapidity of response in your energy field.

The aim is to help strengthen the robustness of the body’s own healing power, as well as to re-ignite the spirit in those who have been stressed, run down or who are feeling lost or dissatisfied. This therapy can be used also to help with relationships and to solve complex and long standing interpersonal issues and problems.

IYS therapy is safe, and effective in most cases to bring about substantial positive changes. You do not need to believe in energy healing to benefit from it.

As with any medication or healing methodology, IYS therapy may not work for everyone however it works in the majority of cases. In rare situations healing will be ineffective on account of there being insufficient karmic grace to receive healing. In such cases your therapist will recommend a course of action to create grace, generally involving forgiveness, helping others or supporting those who are in need. When this occurs, any kind of healing will be more effective.

We prefer to work in conjunction with your mainstream medical team and provide supportive assistance to speed recovery, boost immunity, reduce complications, substantially reduce pain and boost resilience as well as a sense of personal empowerment on your healing journey.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapists

Ignite Your Spirit therapy activates the body’s ability to heal itself rapidly and sometimes in a manner that appears miraculous. Certification involves training in anatomy and physiology, with specific applications of energetic healing to realign the systems of the body with good health.

Training also involves spiritual counseling, communication and listening skills, self-care to prevent compassion fatigue, and advanced spiritual healing techniques. Exams, continuous assessment and feedback throughout the training ensure a very high level of ability, professionalism and support is offered by each and every one of our therapists to you, our valued clients.

Each therapist undergoes several years of training, spiritual purification and practice in how to hold peace, joy and compassion. They learn a series of spiritually uplifting mantras and meditation techniques and are given shaktipat, (spiritual empowerment initiations) to amp up their spiritual voltage as healers.

Every registered IYS therapist abides by a code of ethics and conduct, and attends to their own spiritual wellbeing through peer review, continuing annual professional development and receiving healings regularly themselves.

Find A Therapist

Our therapists are located throughout the USA, Australia, Canada, China and UK. Many of our therapists offer healings via Skype and have regular clients receiving tremendous assistance throughout the world.

Find a qualified healer near you in the USA.

Search our international directory – therapists are shown in our online international directory in two catagories: Master therapists and therapists – search by region or ‘Skype offering’.

Master Therapists

Are people who:

  1. Have demonstrated outstanding and miraculous healings
  2. Have exemplary levels of excellence, effectiveness and spiritual potency as therapists
  3. Have a minimum of 7 years experience in IYS clinical practice and hold a current IYS practicing certificate
  4. Are clear, concise and accurate intuitives
  5. Are mentors and teachers to other therapists and are held in high regard in our community


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