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  1. That you have completed the 9 Foundation Seminars of the Path of Ease & Grace
  2. That you are an active Friends of Shanti Mission contributor


Have you completed the Path of Ease and Grace Foundation Series and wondering what next?

In this training you will become proficient in the use of energy and consciousness to effect changes that perhaps you never dreamed could be.

If you are looking to continue your spiritual awakening, you are invited to apply to join our Make A Difference training:

Make a Difference 1

A five month Journey of Self Discovery and Empowerment

Consolidate your peace skills and realize peace and joy in your life.
Transform into your true amazing self.

  • Pranayama & Meditation practices, the art of journaling
  • Raising Consciousness
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Clarity and mental mastery
  • Energy work – More skills in IYS energy techniques
  • Releasing baggage, finding Robust joy
  • Feeling good about self and capacity to change.
  • Cultivating self love
  • Preparation and foundation for further study in the school
  • Delving into the unconscious, finding gems, interconnectedness and unity
  • Mystical/spiritual stretch on the inner world:

Soul Fragment re-unification practices

Archangelic meditations and connections

Power of the Soul cards

My inner world – Make a Difference 1

Developing Solar plexus & heart chakras


  1. Establish sacred space
  2. Clearing the heart and developing high self love, acceptance and esteem
  3. Spirit, soul, mind, healing, forgiving, letting go of baggage, finding essence
  4. 12 meditations, pranayama, daily meditation and journaling
  5. Healing personal karma, Learning from our stories, expanding into principles
  6. Energy – learning healing techniques – for peace and wellbeing
  7. Opening to higher consciousness
  8. Developing intuition (either use some or sit the weekend course)
  9. Devotion as a method of spiritual activation and the role of love

Additional Requirements

  • Developing Intuition (one day playshop) (part of the 4 day retreat below)
  • Re-sit Empowering Relationships 1 and 2 
  • Have 8 healings from your teachers or other registered therapists to support your deep transformative healing journey
  • Service helps you to have a more ease and grace journey of transformation so if you can, add some service to your journey.
  • 4 day retreat, at Cooranbong, London/Northampton or San Diego

The included 4 day retreat requires in-person attendance: 18, 19, 20 and 21 May. Retreats will be held in 3 locations internationally:

  1. San Diego, USA
  2. Cooranbong, Australia
  3. Northhampton, United Kingdom


If you have any questions about the program, please email:

If you have any issues in registering for the program, please email:



Please visit the Make a Difference page on our Australian site to register.


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