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‘Shanti’ is a word for peace in the ancient language of Sanskrit. At Shanti Mission America, we feel that humanity has the capacity to create peace on Earth, and we want to do everything we can to help it! We believe this begins with each individual learning how to experience and be peace in every area of his or her life. Our courses, seminars, meditations and programs provide profound, practical tools to help you to create peace in your experience both at work and at home, and to take peace everywhere you go. As more and more people live peace in this way, peace begins to spread and ripple out into the world. Through cultivating inner peace, you are open to more purpose, abundance, love and joy than ever before!


The Shanti Mission America approach to spirituality is exciting and new, like a breath of fresh air. We are an open, diverse and inclusive community and we think that spirituality should be fun!

We believe spiritual education and training should go beyond theory and ideas and be highly practical and useful; stuff we can get our teeth into and ground in our lives to make real changes both personally and interpersonally. Our world-class seminars help you to understand important (and intriguing) spiritual concepts, while also teaching practical tools and techniques that have helped thousands to create happier and more peaceful lives. The delight of the ‘ah-ha!’ moment of learning is matched with the satisfaction of real transformation.

Another key hallmark of the Shanti Mission America philosophy is that we are into diversity. We strongly believe that everyone has a unique spiritual path, which is not the same as anyone else’s. Our introductory courses and seminars, such as the Path of Ease and Grace, are designed to help you ‘awaken’ and discover your unique path and purpose. Once this happens, many people decide to continue studying with us, through Shanti Mission’s Self-Realization Program. For others, when the divine spark is ignited, it helps them discover a different spiritual path that meets the needs of their spirit. Either way, we’re happy! We are a school for the soul dedicated to helping people create more peace in their lives, regardless of whether they want to study with us for a lifetime or just a few months.

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