We’re A Charity

bigstock-Lotus-669449351Shanti Mission America is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Shanti Mission America Inc. was incorporated in 2014. It was established to provide charitable assistance to those seeking healing and well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of the following people:

Shakti Durga
Qualifications: Degree in Law and Economics
Experience: Practiced as a barrister in NSW for 17 years. She has also studied a range of alternative and complementary healing modalities and learned meditation with various spiritual teachers in Australia, India, Bali, and the Philippines. She is an expert on meditation, the human energy field, personal development, motivation and alternative health. She has authored 5 books on self development and created the Path of Ease and Grace series of seminars, which focus upon mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She has created numerous meditation and relaxation CD’s.

Cheryl Benedict (Lakshmi Ananda)
Cheryl Benedict, Partner with MORF Consulting, has  25 years’ experience teaching and coaching leaders. She builds long-lasting relationships with leaders; helping to strengthen their skills with leading, networking, building trust, being authentic, mastering the art of conflict and emotional intelligence.  She loves what she does and it shows in her passion for those she coaches and consults with. She puts her whole self in.

A former Vice President of Organizational Development and Executive Director of a non-profit, Cheryl has significant expertise in leadership development, coaching, individual/team assessments, team building, project management and network analysis. She is both a Communications and Psychology graduate from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Cheryl holds Master Certification in Executive Coaching and Organizational Development. She is certified in 15 assessment tools, including the Myers-Briggs, Harrison, Benchmarks, and Emotional Social Competency Inventory, to name a few.

Susan F. Filan (Jaia Kali)
Susan F. Filan is a former Connecticut state prosecutor, MSNBC Senior Legal Analyst and an experienced trial lawyer.  She currently runs a legal practice in Westport, CT, representing clients in criminal cases and family matters.  Filan comes at her profession from a paradoxically spiritual, yet pragmatic and iron fisted view point, putting into her daily practice what she takes from her own heart and experience.  Susan’s legal career has included an appointment as Deputy Assistant State’s Attorney in the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in the Gang and Continuing Crime Unit for the State of Connecticut and Assistant State’s Attorney in Bridgeport, CT, before pursuing a career in media as a Senior Legal Analyst with NBC News and MSNBC, often appearing on the Today Show and MSNBC to provide expert insight into dozens of high profile cases ranging from Michael Jackson to JonBenet Ramsey, Anna Nicole Smith, O. J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Kobe Bryant, Bernie Madoff, David Letterman, and Tiger Woods.  Susan is known for her legal insights, and has appeared on every major network, on radio, and is quoted in print media around the world.

Paul Wilde (Savitur Dhanvantre)
Savitur Dhanvantre is the Spiritual Director of Shanti Mission America. His real job description is restorer of light and life. Savitur is in his element when teaching, healing and empowering others. He is an internationally sought after Master healer and teacher who runs courses, sees clients and facilitates regular retreats in Australia and around the world. In all that he does, Savitur radiates a calm, loving presence that invites his students and clients to feel safe and held. He is a master of compassion who loves to serve. Savitur is known for his unflappable strength, as well as an innate sense of joy. Savitur trained for many years in creative counselling and psychotherapy prior to finding Shanti Mission.

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