bigstock-lots-of-candles-burning-in-the-58909766Shanti Mission America has a team of spiritual leaders who oversee the charity’s programs and community services. This group of leaders is called the ‘Council of Light’ because their job is to create more happiness, peace and joy (which together we call ‘light’) in the world! Each member of the Council is responsible for a different part of the charity’s operations. One of the unique aspects of Shanti Mission America is that each of the leaders, including our founder Shakti Durga, support each other while also holding each other accountable. It’s unique for a spiritual organisation or school to implement a ‘peer review’ system, but we believe a modern school for the soul needs to be run in a way that’s open and accountable to our community.

The Council of Light team members are: Shakti DurgaBhadra Kali, Ganesha MaGanga, Gayatri Kahmadhenu, Maitreya, Parvati Sundari, Savitur Dhanvantre, and Shiva Kata Tjuta

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