Path of Ease and Grace in my life

I am so grateful and blessed by your presence and the Path of Ease and Grace in my life. You’ve helped me see through new eyes and open my heart to love.

I see and feel the difference using the tools and techniques of the Path of Ease and Grace has made in my life. I feel full and overflowing on the inside. Any tears now are ones of love, gratitude and joy, not heartache, fear, sorrow, helplessness and emptiness.

In my heart I know I would not have come through malignant melanoma so easily had I not had the Path of Ease and Grace, and all my training with Shanti Mission and my Guru in my life. Thank you seems so small and insignificant for all you have given me and I am so grateful and blessed for our time in Colorado and Mesa Verde. Om Parameshware.

Those days are now behind me replaced by a heart wanting to sing, dance, paint and create and to be the shining light of peace and heaven here on Earth.

You are in my heart, I love you and I know you won’t let go. I am not alone.


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