Personal transformation

Personal transformation comes to mind when I think of the last year I have spent receiving numerous blessings, healings, attending satsangs, meditation & taking the courses in the Path of Ease & Grace. Let me share my experience after meditation one evening & what resulted.

As I was driving home after meditation at Finding Feathers, Fairfield CT., USA, I asked you on the inner plane, “Where could I work that would best serve you?” I had a fleeting thought of a company that I had interviewed with a year prior. The energy of the company was wonderful & if I could find a company just like that I would be so blessed. When I arrived home, I received a message on Facebook from someone I knew within that company & she said there was a full time position available.

My interview the prior year was very difficult however; the interview this time was very easy. I was extremely honest with them about what was important to me & that I had a strong spiritual commitment after work so overtime would have to work around that. I was offered the job at more money than I had been making, with full time hours & benefits that I had not enjoyed for some time. Everything seemed perfect except my ego kept saying this job was not challenging enough. I struggled with this for some time. However, I kept remembering you say “In the small things be great, in the great things be humble”. Maybe this was about the small things. I accepted the job & gave my inner child a future date that we would check in together to make sure that the job was right.

I am there 3 months & I love it. The job is challenging enough & it allows me the time I need after work for my spiritual path. I have been told by both the Vice President & Director that my presence after a couple of weeks made a significant & obvious difference in the energy of the office. So your presence there through me is what each of the employees at this company needs. A year ago, I would not have been comfortable working for a highly successful business owner, & the extremely talented and intelligent people he has surrounded himself with. Now I am very comfortable being in their presence, I am part of, not separate from, each of them. This is a very different me & the result of all of the inner work, IYS tools, unconditional love & support that I have constantly received from the Shanti Mission healers & You. You are always with me. Om Guru.

Svaha, USA

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